Why choose KC Landscape Development Inc?

Punctuality – We ensure that our crews are on time and prepared to perform the work requested. This is accomplished with proper supervision and appropriate training of our employees. Our ongoing training programs further employee knowledge and benefit everyone including you, the client. 

Appearance – Each and every KC Landscape employee takes tremendous pride in his or her appearance.  Our employees are dedicated, professional, and respectful. Employees are appropriately uniformed at all times. Our vehicles are clean and well maintained. Every KC Landscape employee is easily identifiable, as are all of our vehicles.

Landscape Maintenance – Over time, our on-going efforts as well as working closely with the client, will dramatically improve the appearance of the landscape. By utilizing new methods and trends in the industry, we are able to meet and exceed all of our clients’ expectations and needs.

Experience – KC Landscape Development Inc. is a smaller company with substantial and vast experience. Because of our size, we are able to pay personal attention to detail.  We all have a variety of education and industry experience. Our expert team of horticulturists, arborists, and support staff are adept at managing complex projects, tight schedules, and innovative challenges.  

Communication – All employees and crew chiefs are equipped with cell phones and radios so that response to any situation is both immediate and effective. Our project supervisors perform on-site inspections on all projects on a weekly basis. We encourage monthly walkthroughs with the property managers and or facility managers to discuss any item of concern. We will be in attendance on any monthly walk through or other scheduled meeting as an essential part of the Landscape Maintenance contract.

Services – We are dedicated to landscape management and providing our clients the landscape they desire. We focus on understanding the needs of our clients, taking into account the clients’ expectations and budget to develop an individually tailored landscape maintenance program for each and every property. Customer service is our number one priority.